Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kingdoms of Alamur: The Reckoning Art

This project feels like a lifetime ago. It was a brief stint at BHG just under a year, but a lot of work was generated and a lot fell to the cutting room floor, these are just some of the pieces i did that I am still fond of. I recently heard that the little boggart design made it into ImagineFX, unfortunately my name wasn't used, but just seeing a project that I had worked on 4 years ago make it is pretty awesome. BHG has a talented and ambitious crew. The game has a powerful story, design, and combat team, that just gave a lot of awesome ideas pull from and expand into even more ideas. Collaboration like that is the best part of any working experience, especially video games. Creating a creative circle that is formed between each department. Much love to the crew and the project, can't wait to see what is next from them.