Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dragon Balloon

Here's a bday card I was working on. now I just wanna finish it up and tweak it into a better piece. It's inspired by images from Andreas Blasich's short story in "Out of Picture" and some clouds studies i've been seein people do, and I've always been fascinated with ho air balloons so why not and chicks with wispy hair. So far it's been good fun and i'm finally gettin over my fear and just goin at it with this whole painting thing. Good fun, i am really enjoying photoshop painting now. Still miss the traditional, but digital is really easier.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some random stuff. The Painting was about 20 mins. I was thinkin back and was like hey that's not bad for 20 mins. Too bad I haven't built up the stamina and confidence to finish, but working towards it. And the doodle is just a doodle. good times :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hobo Lady 2

Just another drawing of hobo lady
I thought it would be nice to have two pets, a cat and a bird just to add diversity to the scene and her character.
I'm beginning to think she will be my main character and we would be viewing the world through her eyes. She had an open mind about things and sees the world as an endless adventure and source of happiness, the conflict within herself though would be her desire, since she is 42, to settle down and just find a place she can call home.

The librarian and the HOBO

Hey ya'll. These are some new drawings. The librarian is a addition to the Time travelers, it is his book of history and what needs to be repaired. The hobo lady is a new idea i'm toying around with. Just trying to think of something fun to do with hobos, they're the dirtiest and most rugged adventurers of our day now and they're all sorts, stow aways, river folk, hitch hikers, all the sorts, so just seeing where this idea could take me. Plus since they travel a lot they may have some really interesting ambiguous sillouettes to play around with. This may give me a chance to really toy around with different styles too.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

SHM alumni get together

So these are from a while ago, but it was a great night of drinkin and drawing. Good times with my fellow classmates from SJSU. We're all a bunch of art dorks and dang proud of it :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


So here are some recent color additions to the good ol folio. What fun. I had a good time coloring these. I am still intimidated by full matte paintings, but these definitely help with conquering that fear. Especially with the help of Illustrator. I find Illustrator to be so much funner and faster. Using all the big shapes. It's like putting a puzzle together. At work that's all we pretty much use.