Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here's some random stuff I've been doin since the last post. Enjoy

This was a random illustration I did for a buddy, this is not really being animated to my knowledge, it just reminded me of a cell when i finished.

Duck In A Box, another random thing I'm working on. Possibly more ducky ideas to come.

Yeah, i don't know what i was thinking either. Chicks, skirts, leather/vinyl, and wierd machines... hot?

Ahhh yes, my good ol co-worker from EA. Ben, the master of cuteness. Poor guy had to draw the cutest princess outfits for weeks. I've never seen one man tackle some much cuteness (not that cuteness is a unmanly thing... just sayin...geeze...)

This was a blast from the past from me. Did this years ago... and I was like, traditional? Brush? paper? God?


Nikki Lukas said...

You're work is always entertaining, even the comments. Hot Chick in a skirt with a weird machine! awesome! The ninja girls are fun too, maybe they should have skirts and machines. haha j/k

Cole Higgins said...

whats up Vector man. That s#$t looks awesome. Good stuff dude.