Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A few weeks ago I went camping with some friends up in MENDOCINO COUNTY. Beautiful place with a quaint little town. I was able to steal away while everybody napped on saturday to do some doodles. It was a great experience. Last year I also did a painting, but gave it to the hostess. I highly reccomend this area to just relax. If you do have money to burn or just want to get away somewhere there are a lot of bed and breakfast type places around there. If you do go, I highly recommend the chocolate shop in Mendocino Town, and not the one in Fort Brag. Oh and abalone diving is awesome out there.


Tony Bui said...

The Jeep sketch is sick! You really paid attention to the details. I hope that is a fake license plate...there are a lot of crazy people on the internets.

And where is this Fort Brag located? In california? I never heard of it. Love you. Bye.

Nigel Li said...

Man, i havent been camping for Years! im stuck in hong kong, where I am surrounded by buildings and 7-11's. LUCKY!

Cole Higgins said...

Nice stuff Martin. Including your new site. I love the enivornment piece with the Jeep, you have a great feel for environments. Keep up the good work.