Friday, July 28, 2006


Title has nothing to do with this art piece, but Shine is playing in the background, and the madness of Rachmaninoff's 3rd movement is playing. The energy the power, dang amazing. For any of you who play the piano or just appreciate good classical, the dynamic insanity of this piece is crazy.
But anyways.
So this piece was inspired by a lady i saw walking accross the street a few months ago. She walked like a chicken, had a crazy hair doo, and crazy huge sunglasses, and a belly, her stature was short and squat, so I attempted this memory sketch. Not exactly like her, but i'm pretty satisfied with this outcome. I've been using Illustrato like mad these days creating Yahoo Avatars, so I decided to draw the final in illustrator. Good fun. It is a tool I never thought i use seriously to draw with, but I've found a new appreciation for it. I'm enjoying the speed and simplicity illustrator provides for clean graphic shapes, it is a bit easier to get that effect in illustrator. Another cool thing is that if I want I can just outline the character in illustrator and then just import it into Photoshop and then paint by selection.
Welps good times, and more to come.


coffman said...

the pair of these look great side by side. 1 solid drawing and 1 nice simplified design. Is that photoshop, illustrator, or a combination of both?

Martin Kau said...

It was all illustrator. Just using the pen tool and shape fill. Outline the character with nice solid shapes, make sure they overlap each other in the way you want and then to do the shadow patterns cope the major shape layer and then cut the pieces out with the pen tool, or just draw them in. If you come back i can def. show you in person. Or if you got more questions i can break it down. Lemme know. Thanks for the comments though dave.