Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time off *sigh*

some sketches i fuddled around with. The blue stuff is from Art 1. Some of you may be familiar with this class, but for those that aren't. It's a time of relaxation and occascional tid bits of cool info. So I take the opportunity to just unwind and kick back and sketch a bit. There ain't too many occasions too these days, so it's nice. But when an occasion does arise and i forget my sketchbook post its come in real handy. The post it drawings aren't my favorite, but it was a fun time listenin to some indy rock live. Oh yeah. The music was performed by three bands, but one band inparticular had one of our fellow SHM alumns Debbie Bruce, who i personally do not know, but it was a good show, and a great way to get away from it all for one night.

Oh her band is Anchors for Architects cool stuff, not my usual, but somethin different is always good.

Oh and yes, that is one of our faithful leaders now here at SJSU David Chai telling all us art 1ners to do animation cause it is like being a God. YESSS!!!!

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